French macarons

If interested in specific flavors, we strongly encourage placing an order.   Orders for specific flavors require a three full business day notice to ensure I have enough time to create them.  If looking for something sooner than three business days, an assortment of available flavors can always be put together with less lead time.  There is no minimum to place an order and it's as easy as sending us a quick email or call to let us know what you are looking for!  See "Hours + Contact" page for more info.


$2.00 each 


single macaron box - $2.95
two piece clear box - $5.25
three piece clear box - $7.75
four piece clear box - $9.35

six piece box - $11.85
twelve piece box - $23.50
eighteen piece box - $34.75
twenty-four piece box - $45.85


salted caramel macaron

salted caramel

Key Lime 3.jpg

key lime

strawberry macaron


earl grey macaron

earl grey

bourbon macaron


White Chocolate Raspberry 3.jpg

white chocolate raspberry

Almond 2.jpg


Passion Fruit 2.jpg

passion fruit

espresso macaron


toasted coconut macaron

toasted coconut

Chocolate Ganache 2.jpg

chocolate ganache

lemon poppy macaron

lemon poppy

pistachio macaron


Minty Chocolate 2.jpg

minty chocolate

spiced chai

spiced chai

Vanilla 3.jpg

vanilla bean

peach champagne

peach champagne

Blackberry 2.jpg


nutella macaron

chocolate hazelnut

Seasonal Flavor.jpg

•current seasonal flavors•

•chocolate peanut butter pretzel
•cinnamon apple